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Do you want to make real impact, directly at the start of your career? Help executive board members of leading companies to chart new directions? And do you have the analytical and conceptual skills to tackle and quantify these complex issues?

Who do we look for? 

Teamwork is key to our success; experience and young talent side-by-side. This was one of our founding wishes 15+ years ago and is embodied ever since. To strengthen our team, we are continuously looking for new members. The following skills are essential for future team members:

Exceptional talent

You are intrigued by complex problems and have the determination to solve them. Strong analytical, quantitative and communicative skills help you in tackling these issues.

Team spirit

You have the guts to work side-by-side with experienced professionals and take initiative on your own accord. You listen and hear what other truly say and expect the same from them.


You are strong enough to know what you can contribute and where to ask for help. Not being afraid to face your limits is a great way to push the boundaries of what you can do, together.

Strong communication skills

You don’t shy away from a difficult conversation and are always able to communicate your findings in a structured and sensible way (in English and Dutch, fluently). You are able to convey a message, while listening closely to the concerns of others at the same time. 

What we offer

We are devoted to letting young, talented professionals flourish. This is how we can thrive as a professional team. That is why we offer you:

Growth opportunities

Your path is not set in stone; and that provides opportunities to grow at an exceptional pace. Day in day out you work closely with highly experienced professionals, who motivate you to take ownership and do not mind throwing you in ‘the deep end’, as soon as you are ready for that.

Appreciation for your passions

Our work is intense. That is why we look for people with an intrinsic drive, both professionally and personally. We all value our passions outside of work (ask us about them!), you hopefully as well. That requires a good balance, which can be challenging at times. Professional ‘sprinting’ for a deadline is sometimes needed. However, we make sure there is enough room around that to recharge and have fun.


To develop your fundamental consulting skills, we offer an essential training path for your start at Volt. In addition, you get the responsibility to further improve your skills, by intensive coaching on the job and a substantial, personal training budget.

Team at heart

We do not use fixed titles and functions – we are a team. We believe that we can only achieve results when everyone feels equal. On a daily basis we combine talent and experience – together we are responsible for the results.


Eager to accept the challenge to be part of our team? Please send your application letter, resume and academic records (secondary school and university) to Tim de Bruijn. We do not have fixed start dates and hire people all year round. We encourage you to seek contact before your graduation and (for example) to make the exotic trip you have been longing for.

Application process
The application process consists of two rounds that each take one morning or afternoon. You will meet with two consultants per round. He or she will discuss your personal motivation and conduct a case interview. In a case interview you will solve a specific problem together with the interviewer, based on a real Volt-project. Of course, there will be ample time to answer your questions. You will also receive feedback.

Get to know each other
Do you think you are equipped to become the next team member of Volt? Then we would like to have an introductory meeting with you! Please send your CV and Gradelist (secondary school and university) to Tim de Bruijn ( On the basis of these documents we will assess whether we will invite you. During this meeting we will tell you more about our team and the practice of strategy consulting. Moreover, we would like to hear what you are looking for.

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