Our experience

Charting new directions for uncommon situations

Our clients are experts in their business. We bring a new perspective and systemically reduce complex strategic issues to their very essence. By establishing the true pivotal questions for decision making and distinguishing the relevant segments for each situation. We seek the most relevant criteria to measure the impact of decisions. Often, it is about more than profit or cost alone.

We excel at fact-based analyses. Meanwhile, empathy and true understanding of human behaviour are equally key. For example, when linking the perspective of individual customers to their actual transactions and making the aggregated effects of their behaviour on our client’s organization tangible. Hereby, we craft a strong analytical foundation for sensible and structured management decisions. With our effective and pragmatic approach, we are ranked among the top strategy consultants in the Netherlands.

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Have a look below at examples of our experience. Due to the nature and sensitivity of our work and care for our clients, the examples have been anonymized.

Increasing competitive advantage through sustainability: zero emission bus transport

Outsmarting pharma with an antidote for invasive marketing, for the benefit of patients

Developing a technological roadmap to enhance customer intimacy for an international B2B fintech platform

Helping leading FMCG player reinvent its own commercial strength

Effective procurement for group of large hospitals through reverse marketing

Using massive transaction data to link human behaviour and macro trends, applied to mobility 

International market entry strategy for global FMCG company

Identifying the true competitors of an NGO operating in Africa

Optimising availability of assets for critical infrastructure