Charlotte de Wit

My passion in any project is finding the real problem rather than patching symptoms that are (wrongly) perceived as the main problem. I strive to find sustainable solutions that last.’’

Charlotte has an exceptional creative mindset. Beyond her analytical skills, she is always looking for new ways to approach a challenge or to interpret data. And she never shies away from a discussion. A good example can be found in her honours programme project in which she investigated options to turn bad habits of the food industry (deceiving packaging) into a virtue by deceiving consumers into eating less meat. Creative and provocative, resulting in significant media coverage.

Charlotte has completed a BSc in Mechanical Engineering (cum laude) and an Msc in Integrated Product Design (honours annotation) at Delft University of Technology. She broadened her experience at TNO, VU Amsterdam and the European Institute of Innovation and Technology and she developed leadership qualities through multiple committees and a student board. In her spare time, Charlotte can be found making art, exercising, planning a long-distance hike through rural mountains or enjoying food related activities.

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+31 6 4406 1077

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