Cyriel Hakkers

From the moment I stepped into our beautiful office I felt part of the team. By using each other’s strengths we try to find the best solution for difficult problems. My colleagues are simply brilliant, they are quick analytical thinkers, have a creative mind and are strong communicators. This combination makes that we can develop unique solutions with a profound analytical foundation for the challenges our clients are facing.

Cyriel Hakkers has always been interested in mathematics and society. During his work he likes to take a deep dive in the data, but is also driven to develop new ideas that can deliver real change for our clients. Besides, his strong social skills and optimism make him a great addition to the team.

Cyriel joined Volt Strategy after finishing his MSc. Quantitative Logistics and Operations Research at the Erasmus University. He has a bachelor in Econometrics and did an internship at the Dutch embassy in London. During his study he has been active as a volunteer at different organizations in order to develop his social and managing skills. He needed those managing skills when he held the end responsibility for the organization of the political debate between Mark Rutte and Geert Wilders at the Erasmus university during the national elections of 2017.

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+31 6 5794 8159

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