Fred Stokvis

Change and momentum.  Understanding and sensing what really changes for all involved. In this we support our clients by verifying intuition-based hypotheses with rigorous fact-based analysis. Demonstrating practical next steps to consider. This is a dynamic team-effort combining talent and skills of our team with those of our clients. Short intensive projects embedded in long-lasting client relationships provide powerful impulses. In combination with support for continuous change we aim to contribute to lasting impact. Embracing real-time feed-back is important to make the many small steps forward to move along with the big structural changes of our moving times.

Fred Stokvis started his team effort in 2006 after two decades at international strategy firms. Initially under the brand Strategy Development Partners, the Hague, and since the start of 2020 as Volt Strategy. Helping clients into new territory and building talented professional teams is his mission. He enjoys working on a day-to-day basis with clients and teams aspiring change based on their particular strength. Emerging possibilities provide stimulus and inspiration; finding practical steps forward channels the energy. A sensible work/life balance is crucial. After many years Fred is eager for more!

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