Paul Musegaas

True unobstructed teamwork is what attracted me to strategy consultancy 8 years ago. Working together with exceptional, yet genuine, talent continues to excite me. Especially when this talent thrives and grows, day by day. Similarly, I believe that working together with clients as one team becomes increasingly important. Clients bring their unique sector knowledge. We bring an exceptional talent to structure and analyse existing expertise to decomplexify decision-making and craft powerful new concepts.

Paul excels at unravelling complex issues and exposing the true drivers for excellence. This enables him and his teams to bring clear insights and propose simple but innovative solutions to complex problems. Thereby, he time and again offers great value to senior executives by enabling them to make difficult decisions with confidence based on substantial insights in a surprisingly short timeframe.

Paul studied Aerospace Engineering at the Delft University of Technology (cum laude) and worked for a defence and aerospace contractor abroad. Paul became partner in 2017 (still under the previous brand SDP). He loves sporting outdoors: skiing, climbing, cycling or simply running long distances through the woods reenergizes him.

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