Tim de Bruijn

“Quite often someone asks that familiar question: "but what is really going to help our client?" That is what I love about working at Volt – The passion to give our clients something that can make a tangible impact on their organisation. We can only achieve this by working together. Luckily, we believe that through close collaboration the brightest ideas and clearest analyses are born. It makes working at Volt much more fun and makes you feel part of the team from the get-go.”

Tim de Bruijn is a consultant with a love for charting new directions with our clients and strives every day to achieve this. He does not back away from large bulks of data and shines at translating these into pragmatic insights. Outside of work, Tim has a passion for outdoor sports, from running and cycling to skiing and rowing. 

Tim has a master’s degree in Chemical Process Engineering from the Delft University of Technology and has lived and studied in Stockholm (Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan and Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship). During and after his studies, he has been a rowing coach and his own boss as a web developer. He has developed an application that controls smart valves on polder roofs and contributed to E-Learning software that is used all over the world.

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