Fintech: customer driven innovation

Technological development in the realm of fintech seems boundless. Yet not all are equally promising and certainly not all are relevant for a specific company. A large international platform servicing thousands of financial institutions felt overwhelmed by all the requests for further ‘innovation’ and change. For management it was an important issue. How to combine these desires for innovation with their core proposition as an undisputed, solid networking platform?

Our involvement
Together with management, we first determined the key drivers of current success for the platform: what qualities made them strong and unique for different (types of) customers. After knowing what qualities should not be changed, we set out to identify the opinion leaders for change. We broke down the interaction of the network and its individual users (up to several thousands of professionals within a customer-institution). The resulting understanding on this granular level allowed to identify the actual opinion leaders within the large group of users. Finally, we enabled rapid prototyping by organizing a systematic user dialogue on novel features. And developed a procedure for continuous monitoring and sampling relevant opinions to gauge needs and worries as a roadmap for future product development.

Using logic, rapid prototyping and close collaboration with client management and their customers we developed an innovation strategy to keep developing the platform driven by their customers’ needs.

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