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Volt Strategy

Supporting leadership of large organisations by charting new directions – that’s what Volt Strategy does. Using structured analyses to bring clear insights and uncover new possibilities. Our day-to-day partner involvement and practical solutions set us apart. We have been practicing this since our start in 2006 (previously we worked under the brand Strategy Development Partners (SDP), the Hague). 

Our clients seek sustainable improvement and are eager to explore new, sometimes unorthodox answers. To add more value, increase profitability or pursue other specific goals. We establish long-term relationships based on mutual trust and share a relentless passion to achieve our clients’ goals. Volt Strategy fosters a unique, unpretentious environment, combining talent with experience, and is devoted to nurture the potential of our team.

Our experience

The organisations we work for vary greatly. And so do the solutions. Have a look below at anonymized projects the team of Volt Strategy worked on.

Bus small edit

Driving the energy transition in mobility

From diesel to electric buses: what constitutes an optimal network changed fundamentally. Where charge your buses? Do you invest in larger batteries? Or faster charging? Together with the client, we came up with an efficient network including a charging strategy for 200+ buses.

Hospital small 2

Helping hospitals to tackle rising cost

Hospitals need their revenues to provide good care. Almost half their costs are spent on purchasing, while suppliers often make (too) good margins. That must be improved, our client thought as well. Together we have significantly reduced costs and reinvested in better care.

Market entry for global FMCG player

Our client wants to expand internationally and sell products through French supermarkets. How can they gain market share? And which customers should they focus on? We formed a concrete strategy through customer research, big data analysis, store visits and workshops.

Judo - tackling big pharma

Outsmarting big pharma

Advanced life science products such as medicines and implants are expensive. And they are becoming increasingly more expensive. By providing insight into savings potential and aligning physicians and non-medical professionals, we created a strong 'antidote' to the marketing power of big pharma.

Lively metro small 2

Overcoming uncertainty in the pandemic

Our client had to make important investment decisions for the next 30+ years, amid the uncertainties of the pandemic. We provided structure and created multiple plausible growth scenarios. Our client gained control over the uncertainties and the tools needed to make their decisions.

Bringing electricity to rural Africa

Bringing electricity to the corners of Africa is our client's mission. In one of their countries this was becoming less and less successful. How could they turn the tide? We adapted their business plan to suit even the most remote customers, who could now also be helped.

Big data: a mobility case

By bringing together various public sources on mobility in one joint dataset, we created a strong tool for analyzing diverse mobility issues. This broad view has often led to interesting insights that we have already used to help many clients.

Innovation strategy for food producer

Food trends are of all times. How to respond to them? And how to do that profitably? Due to complex price structures such as promotions, kickbacks, and bulk discounts, this was not easy to see. We unraveled the real economics so that our client could focus his innovations.

Optimizing availability of critical infrastructure

Maintenance of critical rail infrastructure is of great importance but also causes disruption. By combining our client's expertise with data from projects, business units, and logic, we identified opportunities to reduce both costs and disruptions: a win-win!